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The collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence is often central to the success of an investigation. Time is frequently of the essence. Using CohnReznick’s Computer Forensics Lab, our highly specialized analysts quickly access, review, document, and preserve large amounts of data. We analyze digital evidence in a forensically sound manner, executing advanced investigative techniques to analyze terabits of data including deleted files, e-mails, photos, and text messages. Our experience includes criminal network incident response investigations, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, corporate espionage, fraud and theft, and employee disputes.


When involved in an adversarial situation, you must typically provide attorneys and experts with information relevant to the case. Finding the pertinent information — those key pieces of data that may turn a case — through traditional methods is challenging.  CohnReznick's proprietary eDiscovery process automates the process to reduce time and cost while providing a secure, searchable platform for our clients to review and analyze evidence. Our eDiscovery services include:

Legal hold, data preservation and collection
Early information assessment
Early case assessment
ESI processing
Data searching, mapping and analytics
Data hosting, processing, and reporting
Document management and review
Compliance management
Expert testimony
Penetration/intrusion testing

Economic disputes

When your business is involved in an economic dispute, a successful outcome often depends on the depth of your financial analysis. We work with your legal team to deliver the financial insight needed for a winning strategy, the knowledge to strengthen the discovery process, and quantitative analysis to present an objective and accurate situation assessment. If you are seeking damages,  we provide calculations to help you determine the extent to which you have been harmed. If you are the target of a claim, these damage calculations may be used to refute the impact of your action. Our expertise is broad, supporting damage analyses in commercial litigation, business enterprise valuation, real property valuation, eminent domain actions, director and officer actions, purchase price disputes, and bankruptcy and insolvency causes of action such as fraudulent conveyances and preferences.

Forensic accounting

When you need deep insight into a financial situation to enforce a contract, support an investigation, or determine the cause of accounting anomalies, CohnReznick can help. Our seasoned forensic accountants apply sophisticated data analysis to help you determine what happened, uncover financial deception and potential breach of contract, root out white collar crime, trace missing funds, and assess damages. We provide confidence and comfort that the entirety of an issue is understood and deliver insight to prevent future situations. We are qualified to handle claim settlements and serve as court-appointed monitors.


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kevin clancy

Kevin Clancy

CPA, JD, CIRA, CFF, CTP, Global Director, Restructuring and Dispute Resolution Practice

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