Unlocking value through digital transformation

A digital transformation is the execution side of developing new organizational and technology-facilitated capabilities. Transformation enables companies to:

Regularly and continuously improve cost economics
Deliver exceptional and optimized customer experiences
Sustain transformation outcomes over the long term

Our approach is led by a laser focus on outcomes, including definition of financial realization of objectives. What are the investments that need to be made, and how will they transform into value for the organization and its stakeholders?

We are also focused on successful transformation principles: achievable, incremental, sustainable, and cost-justified.

Services offerings

Our Digital Transformation team supports your organization in the following key areas.

  • Define the objectives, operating model, technologies, data, talent, and governance needs to realize and execute on outcomes and digital ambitions. What strategic organizational choices and associated capabilities will it take to deliver a long-term economic model and profitability objectives, and how do we pivot the existing organization while protecting its core profit pools?

  • Create and execute the transformation roadmap required to deliver on the strategy. For the highest potential for impact, digital transformation requires evaluating not specific use cases, but entire domains and the whole operating model.

  • Create an enduring vision and set of operating principles tied to specific market and value objectives for the long term, including partnerships and talent required to transform continuously.

  • Unlock new value within your organizations and markets by growing and optimizing digital assets, programs, and processes and launching new digital solutions to accelerate topline and bottom-line growth.

  • Design innovative user journeys through an enhanced understanding of customer personas to personalize experiences and catalyze engagement, consumption, loyalty, and revenue growth. Leveraging emerging technology to produce unique data-driven insights, create extraordinary customer experiences across channels, focused on customers’ evolving needs, to realize long-lasting, profitable relationships.

  • Understand and design pricing strategy and execution using digital and AI toolkits.


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Stephen Mancini

Stephen Mancini

Director, Digital

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Our solutions are tailored to each client’s strategic business drivers, technologies, corporate structure, and culture.