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Providing services to plant and non-plant-touching companies, CohnReznick provides the industry insight, technical expertise, and regional resources to help companies comply with changing regulations, provide transparency to investors, and develop the business and technology infrastructure to support rapid growth. Our Cannabis industry practitioners assist in moving your business forward, while driving social change. Together, we’ll help build much needed regulatory infrastructure to sustain industry’s economy and strengthen community health and wellness. 

Industry Insight Meets Growth Market

While cannabis as an industry is relatively new, CohnReznick’s years of experience supporting growth companies in industries with similar goals, business issues, and operating models help resourceful businesses from the real estate, life sciences, manufacturing and distribution, technology and retail sectors succeed in the cannabis sector. Our cannabis industry team, professionals that have helped thousands of owner-operated companies prosper, have focused their energies on helping clients adapt to the unique accounting, tax, and business challenges of the cannabis industry.

Resources Where You Need Them

As a global firm, CohnReznick has the resources to help you stay ahead of changing national and state regulations, U.S. and international tax code changes, and complex audit disclosure issues. Our team has built strong relationships with the legal and finance communities supporting the industry. With U.S. and international offices, we have professionals located where you need them, to help you address the regulatory, financial, and operational challenges you face in expanding your cannabis business.

Technical excellence

With cannabis clients ranging from vertically-integrated seed-to-sale operating companies to the investment funds and investors providing growth capital, CohnReznick’s cannabis industry team provides accounting, tax, and business advisory expertise focused on the unique issues of the cannabis industry, including limited access to banking services, auditing red flags, and Internal Revenue Code Section 280E. We provide business valuation services, nuanced for the nascent stage of the industry. Our due diligence services address operational, financial, tax and IT areas, and recognize the unique dynamic of competing state-to-state regulatory regimes and the challenges presented when financing and transacting industry assets.

A Long History of Social Advocacy

Over 30 years ago, we were on the cutting edge of innovative community development and the beginning of housing policy as an agent for social change. Now, we see the Cannabis movement evolving similarly. CohnReznick helps shape tax legislation to bring jobs, businesses and growth to distressed communities. But creating these opportunities is not just a goal for CohnReznick, it is a part of our mission statement’s.  Through programs such as CohnReznick Cares and Pay-It-Forward, our partners and employees promote initiatives dedicated to Community, Advocacy, Responsibility, Education and Service (CARES). And because we take inspiration from Stephen Covey’s idea that “strength lies in differences, not in similarities,” we maintain a diverse, multi-dimensional firm culture so our diverse viewpoints can most benefit our clients.

Services Tailored for the Cannabis Industry

CohnReznick’s integrated team of accounting, tax, and business advisory professionals help cannabis companies adopt compliance, financial, and operating best practices to protect assets, strengthen balance sheets, and drive growth.

Assurance Services

Cannabis companies face significant scrutiny by regulators, investors, and lenders. Needed is an audit leader with a reputation for instilling confidence in your financial reporting while helping you maintain transparency, reduce risk, and fine-tune compliance policies and procedures. CohnReznick’s attest and audit team provides objective assessments you can use to improve the overall performance while providing valuable information for financial statement users.  

Tax Compliance and Advisory

CohnReznick helps Cannabis company stakeholders navigate federal, state and local compliance challenges, strategize and plan for Internal Revenue Code Section 280E, and take full advantage of relevant tax incentives and credits, including those provided by IRC Section 199, and the IC-DISC export tax incentive.  

Technology Advisory
Technology is at the center of the industry’s efforts to enhance regulatory transparency and operating efficiency. Our services include the design and implementation of:  seed-to-sale programs, accounting systems, ERP systems, business analytics, customer relationship management, inventory management, and digital marketing solutions. CohnReznick helps cannabis companies leverage data to enhance productivity, create compelling customer experiences, and drive performance.

Entity Formation, Capital Sourcing, and Transaction Support

CohnReznick assists in determining proper entity structures and in accessing sources of equity capital including private equity funds and family offices. And if your growth plan calls for acquiring or divesting a business, our extensive due diligence services identify financial, IT, and tax risks. 

Financial and Operations Advisory

Regardless of whether you are developing/licensing, growing, packaging, distributing, or retailing cannabis products, we help finance and operating teams identify key performance indicators, manage working capital, implement business planning strategies, reduce the cost of transactional processes, and stay ahead of changing technical accounting requirements.

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Michael D. Harlow

Michael D. Harlow

CPA, Office Managing Partner – Bethesda and Managing Partner - Cannabis Industry

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