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Enterprise Systems and Processes to Get Your Business Humming

Even the best business strategies won’t produce the desired ROI without coordinated execution. Growth companies need marketing, operations, finance, and human resources to be fully aligned to operate with agility and efficiency. To optimize alignment, market leaders turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

At CohnReznick, our ERP consulting team has the expertise you need to make the right ERP technology investments. But more importantly, we know how best to align your people and processes to make the most of those investments.

There Are No IT Projects

At CohnReznick, we believe there are no IT projects — just business solutions that require technology investment and support. That’s why we take a business-first approach, focusing on driving efficiency, reducing complexity, strengthening relationships, and breaking down barriers. We start by understanding your profit and growth drivers so our solutions are geared for business impact.

Then we look at your infrastructure. How robust are your ERP systems? Have you recently implemented new systems that you’re not fully utilizing? Where are you still using manual processes? We use our assessment to develop a road map for improvement.

Accelerated Systems Selection – A Unique Methodology

If you need new systems or upgrades to existing infrastructure, CohnReznick has a unique methodology specifically created to accelerate systems selection. Using your precise needs as a guide, we rapidly develop a short list of viable solutions, bypassing the typical cumbersome RFP process.

Our consultants are also experts in implementation. We recognize that excellent infrastructure is not enough to ensure success, and work with your people to make sure operational processes make sense and the proper training takes place.

Not sure your systems are optimized for success? We can help.


System Selection
Project Management
System Implementation


Change Management
Risk Management
Business Transformation

ERP Alliances

To help you outpace the competition, CohnReznick has forged strategic alliances with leading-edge ERP technology and platform providers.

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