Why Prevedere?
Most companies today base their planning solely on internal data and other key historical trends and insights. Prevedere’s patented technology enables companies to:
Easily access a global repository of market data
Identify leading indicators correlated with business performance
Create forward-looking econometric models
Monitor forecasts on an ongoing basis

Together, CohnReznick and Prevedere help businesses create value from their data, combining CohnReznick’s integrated end-to-end approach to data strategy and management with Prevedere’s innovative software that provides a complete view of the macroeconomic environment. The overall result is a more holistic process to drive better forecasts with greater confidence.

Service offerings

  • Market share expansion – Forecast industry, category, region, and brand TAM (total addressable market), and test hypotheses about marketing and sales investment for market share growth.

    Demand planning

    Sales forecasting – Generate short- or long-term predictive sales models (e.g., top-line sales, sales by region) to support internal forecasting and strategic decisions.

  • Operational expenses – Forecast operational expenses such as utilities, labor, etc., to better negotiate rates, location, open/close decisions, and more. Free up working capital for high-yield investment areas of the business.

    Labor cost forecasting

    Inventory optimization

  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain planning – Transition from descriptive analysis to predictive analysis for forecasting demand in order to optimize supply chain resourcing.

    Commodities forecasting – Forecast the inflection point of commodity prices to better plan purchase decisions and timelines.

  • Market health forecasting – Develop predictive models for the future economic and employment health of new markets, to help validate whether an expansion investment is likely to be profitable before resources are committed.

    M&A – Validate acquisition and investment decisions.


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