Interactive map: OZ and NMTC

Enter an address or US census tract number for your project to see if it meets the NMTC Program criteria and what its Opportunity Zone designation is.

NMTC Program

Your project may be eligible for the Program based on its location in a qualified census tract. This mapping tool helps access eligibility using census-based criteria from the 2011-2015 and 2006-2010 American Community Surveys. Either census database may be used to evaluate eligibility through a transition period ending October 31, 2018*.

Even if your “Qualified” project does not meet "Severely Distressed" criteria, it may still meet “Severely Distressed” eligibility.

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Designated Opportunity Zones

To identify the designated Opportunity Zones for potential investment or Opportunity Zone related projects, enter an address. If an address falls within an Opportunity Zone, that designation will appear.

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