NMTC Interactive Map Instruction

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program provides tax credits for new private sector investment in economically distressed communities by certified Community Development Entities (CDEs). This easy to use mapping tool helps you determine if a project can qualify under various criteria for the NMTC program based on its location within eligible census tracts.

This mapping tool provides eligibility data using 2011-2015 American Community Survey data. Through October 31, 2018, 2006-2010 American Community Survey data may also be used and is provided within this interactive map.

To use the map, type a census tract number or address into the search field to see if that census tract is "qualified" under the NMTC program and if it meets “severely distressed" criteria.

  • A gray census tract indicates that the area is "Unqualified" under the NMTC program.
  • A yellow census tract indicates that the area is "Qualified" under the NMTC program based on meeting at least one of the following two criteria
    • Poverty rate of at least 20 percent
    • Median family income of 80 percent or less of that area’s median family income
  • An orange census tract indicates the area qualifies under "Severely Distressed" criteria. To qualify as "Severely Distressed", the census tract must meet at least one
    • Poverty rate greater than 30 percent
    • Median family income of 60 percent or less of that area’s median family income
    • Unemployment rate at least 1.5 times the national average of 8.3% for the 2011-2015 ACS Survey (7.9% rate is used for the 2006-2010 ACS Survey).
    • All non-metro tracts “Qualified” for the program also qualify as “Severely Distressed”
Your project may still qualify as severely distressed

Even if your “Qualified” project does not meet "Severely Distressed" criteria, it may still be distressed.

View additional qualifiers for severely distressed census tracts.


After entering a census tract or address and clicking on “Find Location”, a pop-up box will display on the map showing the eligibility information. If the search results for your project indicate that the project is "Qualified", the pop-up box will also display the words "Distressed" or "Not Distressed" relative to the NMTC Program’s " Severely Distressed" criteria.

If the pop-up box displays the words “Qualified, Severely Distressed” it will also show the criteria that qualified the location as “Severely Distressed.”

The pop-up box will display information for the following:

  • Qualification status (Not Qualified, Qualified, Qualified – Severely Distressed)
  • Census tract number
  • Poverty rate
  • Median family income
  • Unemployment rate
  • Area: Metro or non-metro
  • State