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Transform Your Game – CohnReznick & Major League Baseball®

CohnReznick is proud to collaborate with Major League Baseball to reveal, explore, and celebrate the business behind the game we love. Our sponsorship begins with coverage of the Winter Meetings, where game-changing decisions are made daily. Next up is the creation of two new video series – The Business of Baseball and Front Office Focus – that examine the strategic issues franchises tackle on and off the field. Businesses of every kind face similar strategic and leadership issues every day. Our web portal will provide additional in-depth content to help you gain business building ideas from CohnReznick’s bench of seasoned pros. We invite you to explore this rich content and subscribe to stay informed of new topics we address. Because in baseball and in business, success is about achieving your vision. Let’s get going.

What’s top of mind for today’s General Manager? In a special episode of Business of Baseball presented by CohnReznick,  MLB Club front office executives Jon Daniels (Texas Rangers), Mike Hill (Miami Marlins), Jed Hoyer (Chicago Cubs) and Thad Levine (Minnesota Twins) join MLB Network host Brian Kenny and analyst and former GM Dan O’Dowd, to discuss how advancements in analytics have impacted front office executives’ decision-making process, their views of the trade marketplace, the future of the game, and a day in the life of a modern GM.


Managing for Success

In baseball and in business, it's all about achieving your vision. Get a behind–the–scenes look at the business of baseball through two original MLB video series – Business of Baseball and Front Office Focus – presented by CohnReznick.

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Elevating The Fan (Customer) Experience

Attracting and retaining customers is as critical to MLB® clubs as it is to other businesses. Regardless of industry, consumers become loyal fans when a company can deliver an outstanding customer experience. This content series explores techniques that MLB® is using to deepen its relationship with fans. CohnReznick also shares ideas on integrating technology and a “customer first” mindset to provide richer, more interactive experiences that drive growth.

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Community Outreach

For MLB® teams across the country, the business of baseball includes helping others through community-focused programs and charitable giving. In fostering a culture of moving forward and giving back, CohnReznick proudly serves many businesses whose good work benefits society at large. Our goal is to help our clients grow through the services we provide while helping our communities grow stronger through the programs we support.

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Community Development

Like many development projects, the construction of an MLB ballpark often brings positive change to the surrounding community. Through the lens of MLB and our own industry professionals, this content series offers tools and ideas for any business involved in community development. Learn how legislative initiatives, public-private partnerships, and cutting edge programs like Opportunity Zones are changing the game for industry participants.

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Mayor of the City

Running a business can be as complicated as running a major city or an MLB ® team. Every day is game day. To get ahead in the standings, business leaders must manage an increasingly complex scope of responsibility. This content series offers insights from MLB ® and our own line-up to help you stay on top of your game.

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Business of Food

MLB ® fans have a variety of new food and beverage options, making their game day experience a culinary one as well. Business of Food looks at innovative strategies that are transforming the restaurant industry – both inside and outside of the ballpark. This unique content series showcases ideas from baseball’s leading hospitality innovators, and our own team, to help your hospitality business drive growth and customer loyalty.

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Front Office Focus offers a unique perspective on the business side of baseball through wide-ranging discussion with key executives from each of the 30 MLB
® teams. Gain insight on team strategies, coaching and player matters, club operations, and other issues MLB® team leaders grapple with in keeping their teams a vital part of "America's Pastime."

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