Shedding Light on Dark Data

    Data, data everywhere.

    Operational data. Sales and marketing data. Financial data. Competitive data. Regulatory compliance data. As companies strive to create and analyze the data being generated through a host of new technologies, they are finding that their IT staff is has a hard time keeping up. And those charged with analyzing, interpreting, and acting on this data are equally challenged. 

    Some estimates suggest that the volume of business data worldwide across all companies nearly doubles every year. And this influx of data is putting unprecedented strain on IT infrastructure. According to a global survey from business technology and managed solutions provider Avanade, 55 percent of respondents reported a slowdown of their IT systems with 47 percent citing problems with data security.

    But the greatest problem with having access to so much data lies not in its sheer volume, but in how much of the data collected is not being used. This is what is called “dark data”. Gartner Inc. defines dark data as "information assets that organizations collect, process, and store during their regular business activity, but generally fail to use for other purposes.” 

    So, what does a company do to correct its dark data problem? It starts with a comprehensive data assessment by CohnReznick’s expert team to evaluate your current situation.

    Introducing CohnReznick cloudSMART 

    CohnReznick CloudSMART

    CohnReznick has developed a step-by-step, three-phase approach to intelligently move your organization’s data assets to the cloud. 

    Our cloudSMART advisory professionals guide you through a logical, proven process so you can quickly leverage the many benefits of the cloud.

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    Shedding Light on Dark Data: The New Strategy for Data Management