Webinar: Understanding and Eliminating Organizational Chaos

    As companies grow, it is difficult to keep up with the myriad of processes that need to be developed and deployed. This is particularly true in high growth companies. Individuals or teams begin developing their own methods to get things done. In many cases multiple processes are established to create the same outcome. Sometimes no process is developed at all. Most often there are no policies or standards established for these processes. The result is frustration, lost productivity and loose controls. We have coined this set of circumstances organization chaos.   

    Is your company experiencing signs of organization chaos? Think about your answers to the following questions:

    • Have you experienced growth of more than 10% in the last year?
    • Do you have clear processes and procedures across your organization?
    • Do all levels of employees have a clear understanding of company operations, individual responsibilities, and key performance metrics?
    • What does your Company’s organizational chart look like?

    If you hesitated to answer any of the questions, or if the thought of the posed question made you want to go out on sabbatical, utilize this key finding as an opportunity to bring about positive change and unmeasurable growth potentials to your organization.

    Please note the webinar will be played through your web browser. Speakers or a headset is required.

    On-Demand Webinar: Understanding and Eliminating Organizational Chaos