On-Demand Webinar: Selecting the Wrong ERP Can Cost Your Company Millions

    Given the myriad of business and technology issues impacting decision-making, many organizations struggle to effectively select the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With roughly 6% of a company’s annual revenue spent on ERP implementation, there is high reward for system integration leaders – these organizations can reduce implementation costs by 70% and operational costs by up to 13%. (source: International Data Corporation)

    Recognizing how the business needs have shifted and forecasting future change requires deep understanding of business drivers. And getting the functionality right is often not the most critical challenge. Analyzing how software vendors align to the platform vision, influence deployment strategy, evaluate ease-of-use, and impact change management procedures can be far more daunting.

    Top Five Reasons to View This Webinar

    • Recognize the signs that the business needs are outgrowing current software solutions
    • Identify the most important factors to include in a needs analysis
    • Build an objective framework for evaluating vendors
    • Avoid common mistakes that threaten project success
    • Ensuring technology solution will meet your company’s growth needs and long-term success

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