Cultivating change: Our commitment to corporate responsibility

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    david kessler


    David A. Kessler, CPA 

    Chief Executive Officer 

    CohnReznick, LLP 

    Since our origins in 1919, CohnReznick has valued our role as a community partner and corporate leader. In supporting the work of our clients, and in looking for ways to improve our own organization, we believe we can serve a higher ambition of driving positive change for environmental causes, social equality, and stronger corporate governance. 

    The work CohnReznick does on behalf of real estate developers, financial sponsors, government agencies, renewable energy companies, not-for-profit organizations, and many other businesses has strengthened their efforts which, in turn, have created jobs and improved the well-being of our society. But much more work needs to be done.

    “Our communities have identities that are multilayered and more granular than the broad brushstroke we use. The most important thing is to align outcomes, and purpose, and ambitions to create flexible, composable frameworks. A continuum of solutions.” - CohnReznick Chief Innovation Officer Tama Huang, (New Markets Tax Credit Summit 2020, Smart Cities and Data)

    Cultivating change

    The unprecedented health, economic, and social challenges we face today require all of us in business to take deliberate and immediate action to address them. As corporate citizens, we have an obligation to leverage our skills, our people, and our influence as a positive force in tackling our most pressing causes. Today, the calls for social justice, modernized infrastructure, and a cleaner, sustainable environment grow louder. It is clear our involvement must become bolder and lead to a continuum of solutions. 

    CohnReznick is pledged to use our voices and our resources to cultivate the seeds of change our country and our people urgently seek. While we don’t know how this garden will grow, we are committed to doing our part – and doing it better – in helping to drive the needed change that will ensure

    • Safe, affordable housing for all regardless of income, ethnicity, and location 
    • A reliable and sustainable clean energy grid that effectively powers our homes and businesses 
    • Equal access to growth capital for all businesses – large and small, women and minority-owned, both traditional and emerging industries 
    • Accessibility to modern technology infrastructure, data, analytics, and digital literacy 
    • Equal access to essential, excellent healthcare no matter who you are, where you live, or what your healthcare needs entail 
    • A fully coordinated and cohesive governmental system that can quickly and effectively respond to communities impacted by natural and man-made disasters 
    • Equality for all people (while this is an overarching moral statement, it is foundational in driving the positive change to which we aspire) 

    A call to action

    CohnReznick is committed to becoming a more environmentally and socially responsible organization. In turn, we will deliver the strategies and services that can help our clients and communities do the same. As stewards for the next generation, we all play a part in creating a more promising future. We hope you will share the journey with us in raising awareness of the issues, and adopting the policies and practices, that will lead to a better world for us all.

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