Elevating The Fan (Customer) Experience



Attracting and retaining customers is as critical to MLB® clubs as it is to other businesses. Regardless of industry, consumers become loyal fans when a company can deliver an outstanding customer experience. This content series explores techniques that MLB® is using to deepen its relationship with fans. CohnReznick also shares ideas on integrating technology and a “customer first” mindset to provide richer, more interactive experiences that drive growth.

Business of Baseball: Elevating the Fan Experience

Going to the game used to be heading to your seats with a hot dog and a beer, but today’s modern stadiums have become the complete experience, dedicated to creating the best value for fans of the team.

Technology and the Customer Experience

Danny Meyer outlines his philosophy of “enlightened hospitality” and how USHG is using innovative technologies to build a loyal customer base.

Office space goes on-demand


Like everything else these days, on-demand services are big – and getting bigger. So, it’s no surprise that a concept that has revolutionized shopping, entertainment, and transportation is rapidly transforming the real estate industry. As companies respond to their employees’ needs for greater flexibility – including work from home options and flex hours – the conventional practices of negotiating long-term leases and providing employees with individual office spaces are quickly becoming obsolete.

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Commercial Real Estate - Digital and Human Experiences

Living in a bubble of digital convenience can drive a wedge between people and their community. Individuals are isolated, community is lost, and life becomes a little less human each day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some CRE firms are putting people first by creating shared communities in office, retail, and entertainment facilities based on analytic insights into how occupiers live, work, and play. Data-driven knowledge enables companies to reshape their properties in ways that humanize technology while meeting tenant—and ultimately human—needs.

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Can construction conquer its fear of digital change?


Contractors are looking to save on more than just concrete and steel. A class of software known as enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is helping today’s contractors save on some of the most time-consuming pieces of the construction process, from backroom accounting to frontline communication.

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Opportunity Zones: Changing the face of economic development


Opportunity zones could transform economic development in cities, suburbs, and rural areas throughout the country. But how those localities are transformed is largely up to state and local stakeholders.

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Webinar: Increasing cash flow with the R&D tax credit

American businesses that design and develop new or improved products and processes can earn substantial tax savings through the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. To promote competition in the global marketplace, the credit incentivizes innovation within the U.S. and is essentially an activity-based jobs credit.

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Business of Baseball 2019 Line-Up

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